Thursday, June 13, 2013

Transgenders, homosexuals to stage play

Members of Ashodaya Samithi, a society involved in the welfare and rehabilitation of sex workers, has chosen a platform to showcase their talent and inform people they are no different than other members of the society.

As many as 25 transgenders, homosexuals and sex workers have come together to stage a mythological play in Mysore, cultural capital of Karnataka. All of them have been relentlessly practicing for the past one month to give their best for the event which will become a trend-setter in the days to come.

The one hour play titled 'Samrat Soudhana' involves such characters like Bhishma, Shikandi, Shakuni, Duryodhana, Gandhari, Vidura, Karna, Krishna amongst several others. Music and songs for the play are being composed by the troupe members themselves. The play will be staged at Rangayana at the end of this month.

Raghu who is doing the role of Dhuradhana said: “The experience and joy is unsharable. It is a great opportunity for us to come to reach out to the general public who always look down upon us. Through play we can bring out our feelings, pain and agony in front of society and inform we to are party of society."
Director of the play G Chandra Praba, is proud of his novel attempt.

Earlier, he has credit of directing plays for blinds and orphans children, factory workers, deaf and dumb children since 2009.
He says being in theater field from last seven years his motto is to provide equal opportunity for needy people, and bring them to the main stream of society.

Assistant Director Ningaraju said some artistes are equal to professional performers in singing, dancing and dialogue delivery. He says, through staging play the artistes gets courage to face the ups and downs of life.

He requested Kannada and Culture department to provide a platform for artistes to showcase their talent during Bahuroopi theater festival, summer camps and other events.

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