Friday, November 15, 2013

Moderate response for Hop on Hop Off

One of the most aspirational project of Tourism department launched during dasara is the 'Hop on Hop off bus' service, which takes tourist to 16 city sightseeing's points, including major tourist attraction places like Palace, Zoo, Karanji Lake, Chamundi Hill, Jaganmohan Palace and famous landmarks of the city.

Though the initiative is good and promotes tourism, the truth is majority of them are not aware of the service provided. Even a day after the service launched, the officials have not yet introduced the Regular KSRTC buses for the service, which cost around Rs 60. Only four volvo buses (Rs 100) are flying in Mysore, which received a lukewarm response.

With lack of publicity, specially in city bus stand, where the tour point commence, the people were seen waiting for the regular buses to reach their tourist points. The Dasara Tourism Sub-committee has neither set-up an kiosks at the city bus stand, nor any postures, banners are displayed containing the details of the service.

When inquired with couple of foreigners they said they were not at all aware of the service in Mysore. When asked are localities they were seen winking eyes as though they are hearing the name for the first time.

A foreigner Philipis Soleman from German expressing surprise questioned: “Is really Hop on Hop off bus service is available in Mysore. It will be of great help for tourists if promoted. During my tour to London, I had enjoyed the service,” he added.

V Yashoda who had come from Hunsur with relatives for city to be part of dasara said, she is taking the relatives to Chamundi Hill and she had no idea about the 'HoHo' bus service. Dasara Sub-Committee Member and KSRTC Divisional Controller HM Ramesh said that kiosks will be set-up by Monday and measures will be taken to provide information about the service.

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