Friday, November 15, 2013

Tangible heritage of city introduced to youngsters

To introduce the rich tangible heritage of city, a Heritage Walk was organised by Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage in Royal City Mysore on Monday.

With the message “Help, Preserve, Conserve and Protect our Rich Heritage,” hundreds of citizens, including youngsters in large number took part at the heritage walk. The youngsters had assembled in front of Town Hall around 7 am, with keen interest to know the history of various heritage buildings in the city.

They walked around for two kilometers knowing about the huge structures of significant architectural and aesthetic importance of the buildings such as CAVA, KR Hospital, KR Circle, Clock Tower, Dufferin Clock Tower, Ambavilas Palace, Ayurveda Hospital.

The rally also stressed to create awareness among younger generation about conservation of heritage structures, and their role in preventing disfiguring historical monuments and heritage buildings.

62-year-old Vittal Raj who is taking part in heritage walk from last three years said that its responsible of everyone to protect our heritage structures, which has history of more than hundred years. “Policy makers should be educated about protection and conservation of heritage structures,” he added.

Youngsters should also be made aware of the local arts, crafts, traditional games, folklore and village fairs which are integral part of our cultural heritage. Our natural surroundings, hills, valleys, lakes, are all part of our natural heritage, added V Balasubramanyam who is in sixties.

Some of the walkers opined that the Heritage Department should take measures to distribute the booklets for populace, containing the information of heritage structures in and around city, and their responsibility in protection the heritage structures.

Speaking on the occasion, Kannada and Culture Minister Umashree said that appropriate measures will be taken by government to preserve the heritage structures of Mysore.

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