Monday, June 27, 2016

An edible oil to keep you slim and young

Sedentary life style of modern times is the main cause for more number of people to become obese leading to various health problems. Keeping this in mind, CFTRI has developed a new kind of edible oil which reduces accumulation of subcutaneous fats in the body.   

Named as DAG Oil (Diecyl Glycerol), this slim oil has been successfully experimented on lab rats and the results are encouraging where no fat accumulation was observed in the trials.   

Indians are more genetically prone to heart related ailments, especially strokes, because of the rich fat foods they consume, the Slim Oil will surely be a boon for the people. People who are habituated to consuming foods prepared using oils or relish eating fried foods, can henceforth try this new oil made of naturally available ingredients, that not only removes the already accumulated fat in the body but also doesn't allow any new fat to accumulate.     

This DAG oil has been prepared by combining rice bran oil and sunflower oil. The oil is low in calories and non-coagulating by nature. Scientists opine that the oil has many favourable qualities and can be consumed by all section of the society as it is very beneficial for health. 

Whenever excess oil that is consumed is converted into fat and is accumulated in body. By using the DAG oil, the obese population can become slim. The oil can be consumed directly and also be used for cooking, but is not suitable for deep frying, which is the only drawback.  The oil doesn't have an appeasing colour, but has certain inherent components which reduces cholesterol in the blood and improves skin texture and imparts other health benefits.   
Dr AG Gopala Krishna, Chief Scientist, Traditional Food and Sensory Science Department, CSIR-CFTRI, who has been working to develop this technology for the past two years said that change in life style has lead to increasing obesity and has become cause of concern. 
'This DIG Oil has been invented to improve the health of the population who are obese. It is rich is Tocotrienols (unsatuarated Vitamin E) and also Squalene a compound that  nourishes the skin and keeps it young along with Phsytosters components, which is beneficial for our health. It took nearly two years to develop this technology and also test in the laboratory,' he added. 
'The new cooking oil, if it becomes popular, may become a big business resulting in a production of 10 to 15 lakh tons per annum estimated to be about Rs 15,000 crores in the next couple of years. Soon the industries will be provided the technology for the manufacturing process, though initially it will be around Rs 200 liters per day.       

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