Sunday, June 19, 2016

Now track the progress of tree planted sitting in your drawing room

Now track the progress of tree you have planted with an 'Interactive Web portal, sitting anywhere in the corner of the world.

Organisation for the Development of People has began movement 'Plantree', to create awareness on Environment and Ecology among populace and motivate people in large to plant trees. Forest Department and Companies, corporate, Small and Medium Enterprises, general public have extended support to this innovative way.

Through this portal one can register to sponsor a plant, obtain GPS code and track the progress of the tree. Through the technical support of 'SIPSS Global India Pvt Limited', a sponsors of plant can interact and study the progress of tree.

ODP Director Rev Fr Staney D Almeda said: 'Most of them plant saplings, and will be curious to know the progress of plant. With the provided GPS code one can track the status of the plant easily.'

'The plantation will be made in different cycle as per the registration made. To ensure the authenticity of this programme of Sustainable avenue plantation we will be sharing GPS coordinates of the plant, the name of the sponsors will be imprinted on the fencing of that particular tree planted.'

ODP Technical Officer Sreegith said that 'we are marking the location of the tree, and share the location to the sponsor. The sapling planted will be fixed up with GPS certification. It help to ensure the growth of the plant, and they can witness the growth of the plant.'

This apart, an electronic certificate will be provided to acknowledge contribution of the person for encouraging this noble cause to mitigate the climate change and build a clean, green space and best place to live in for us and for future generation, he added.

The web portal also provides platform to share the ideas, place articles in the blog regarding Natural Resource Management. In the last few years, ODP has planted 11,38,050 numbers of Forestry Plants and 3,67,041 Numbers horticulture Plants in district. This “Web portal” will be official launched on June 17, as part of the World Environment Day.

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