Sunday, November 6, 2011

Classrooms turns store room at CAVA

The classrooms meant for teaching has become store rooms at centuru-old CAVA (Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts) Building on Sayyaji Rao Road. Six classrooms have been kept under lock while all classes for the entire batch of CAVA students from 1st to 3rd year are held in a single classroom.

Though State government has allotted a portion of Chamarajendra Technical Institute (CTI) to CAVA to hold classes, a rift between the officials of the two Department has left the students in the lurch.

CTI officials have locked up six rooms not heeding to any request made by CAVA officials to provide them with much needed classrooms. Left with no other option the staff at CAVA are forced to hold all classes from 1st year to 3rd year in the only room provided to them.

Students who have just enrolled and are in their first year find it very difficult to wait for long hours for their art classes to begin. They have to wait till the final year and second year students to finish their classes. Apart this the general toilet room will also be locked oftenly and students are using rest room which is meant for staff.

Though there are hardly 15 students enrolled in CTI, compared to 268 students at CAVA who need spacious class rooms for working on Computer Graphics and Sculpture classes, they are being side-lined and made to suffer needlessly for no fault of theirs.

Students have already made several requests to the concerned officials in the past to vacate the class rooms that are dumped with waste materials so they can be put to appropriate use. Even their request to open the gallery and hand over its maintenance to them has not evoked any response. The gallery houses several rare artifacts some dating back to the reign of Chamarajawadiyar, the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore.

Students allege that CTI officials sometimes even cut off power supply to the classrooms disturbing their works. Already as this paper had reported earlier both the ceiling and flooring of this century-old building are falling apart with water logging and seeping at the corners.

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