Sunday, November 6, 2011

In peaceful city, one commits suicide everyday

Though a recent survey has placed Bangalore as suicide capital in the country with largest number of people committing suicide every year, our heritage city Mysore is not far behind. Across the city on an average one person commits suicide daily. In the past three years the city has witnessed about 1,273 deaths due to suicide, majority of them by consuming poison and others by hanging.

From 2009 to October 27, 1273 people have committed suicide, of which 302 are men and 890 are women above 18 years, while 52 girls and 29 boys were below 18 years. In 2009 a total of 461 deaths due to unnatural causes were registered, which however in 2010 saw a little dip with 423 cases being registered. This year till October 27, 389 people have taken their lives. These were the figures obtained from 16 police stations coming under the Mysore City jurisdiction, which may rise further if the entire district is considered.

Compared to men, women are more vulnerable, while the number of reported cases of teenagers below 18 years of age committing suicide is also on the rise, said former DCP P Rajendra Prasad, speaking to Express and added, "People are getting more attached to objects like mobile, TV, computers, vehicles instead of building healthy attachments with friends and family members. Also parents need to spend more time with their children."

Difficulties to cope with the real world push the individual towards taking this extreme step. Apart this high academic expectations from a child by their parents, financial losses leading to indebtedness, guilty conscience resulting from strict moral upbringing, incompatibility with spouses or children are some of the most common reasons that drive people towards suicide, he added.

The reason most often cited as the main cause for suicides is lack of proper channels to share innermost pains and sufferings with another like minded individual, says Psychiatrist Vinod Kumar.

Vox populi

Parents should spend more time with kids apart from merely pampering them with comforts, says Grand Mother Vanjamma

Yoga and Meditation help in controlling mind. More people should take up practicing yoga leading to better life. - Yoga Teacher Rakesh

'Parents should develop bonding with children. They should not force children to obtain good marks, instead they should allow children to excel in any field of their choice', Vani, Government School Teacher

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