Thursday, November 17, 2011

Demand for White coloured vehicles go up in city

There were days when white coloured cars were meant only for taxis or for use by top bureaucrats and politicians. But for the past couple of months a new trend is emerging in the city as more number of people are opting for white coloured cars for their personal use. Earlier, white coloured cars was not much sought after, maybe for the reason that any dirt or dent would show up more prominently. But all of a sudden, the trend seems to have changed.

When Express contacted several vehicle dealers in city they reported a surge in demand for white coloured cars, especially this year the demand being even more.
About 30 per cent of the bookings was for white coloured vehicles with the reason cited by the dealers was that the bright reflective surface made them even more shining under the sun-light.

According to sources in the Honda showroom, unable to cope with the demand they stopped booking for white coloured vehicles for the past one and half months. The demand for white colour is more in models like the Activa, Duo, Vego, Pleasure and Access.

Dealers of Toyota, Friendly Motors, informed that more people are asking for white coloured cars which was not so in previous years. Saleem of Bababudangiri said that countable people who brought their old cars for repainting opted for white colour. Urs Kar's Lakshmikanth Raj Urs said that white colour won't match for all vehicles and as far as Maruti is considered the fast moving colour is silver.

`When buying expensive items like vehicles and high end mobiles, the choice of colour becomes more critical. Its the matter of status symbol and observed by everybody. White colour vehicles gives professional look,' says Mallika who owns white Tata Sumo.

'Compare to other colours white colour is very eye-catching and pleasant. Earlier, very rarely we used to come across white colour vehicles. But at present we can see good number of white colours vehicles on road,' says Divya, Student of JSS College Student who has White Access.

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