Sunday, December 11, 2011

A tale of two men: One is noble, one is kind

The general opinion of all is, 'life is unfair'. But, for 44-year-old R Somashekhar life became a relentless struggle when he was afflicted with Polio, gradually crippling all his four limbs leaving him with very little mobility. But the polio could not affect his 'inner will'.

Born into a poor family, where parents and sister too are blind, he has the responsibility of earning daily bread for the entire family. Unmarried Somashekar faced the life courageously and fought against all odds of life to survive
and to make a living on his own !

He is a resident of Ittegegud and completely dependant on others for each and every move he makes. Moved by his pitiable condition some philanthropists donated him with a mobile telephone booth along with a weighing machine. He visits the private Bus Stand near RMC providing the public with his telephone services. Some of the regular commuters and bus drivers at the bus-stand offer him some money. Apart this, Government is providing him Rs 1,000 per month.

With this meager earnings he manages his family of four members.

These are times when people are busy meeting their own ends and cant' spend time for helping others living their work. But its not same with the auto-driver R Ramesh. Noticing the sordid struggle for existence made by Somshekar, he has taken the responsibility of picking and dropping him, free of cost. He helps him to climb into the auto as well to come down with the help of another person.

A resident of Kesare, 41-year-old Ramesh accidentally met Somashekhar, while he was on his daily trip of dropping a passenger at the bus-stand. From Kesare to Ittegegud its about six km and he has been doing relentlessly for the past six months.

Without waiting whether he gets a passenger or not, he drives empty auto towards Somshekar's house every morning at 10.30 am and picks him up in the evening at 6.30 pm to bring him back to his house. Though he has driven an empty auto on several occasions in the past, he is unmindful of the losses. Somashekar lauded and thanked Ramesh for his gesture.

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