Friday, December 16, 2011

This Australian names his daughter 'India'

The Patriotic fervour led by this Australian family is very high. They have named their 15-year-old daughter 'India'. Australian family led by Nick Petrucco and his wife Rebec are the spouse who have named their daughter 'India'. The couple have three children in which India is elder one and other two are Maggie and Gus.

Nick says, he see India alive by calling her daughter name and he feels he is in India.
The seven family member of Nick Petrucco have traveled from Kozhikode to Chennai and have organised Walkathon to create awareness among people about child abuse and to raise funds for education of the under privileged children in South India.

This is the first Walkathon conducted by Nick along with his other family members Jenny, Nick, Deibhlin and Nicola, under the banner of Child Fund's Unique Initiative 'Coast to Coast' Walkathon.

A total of 850 km walk has been organised in which they have walked 310 kilo meters and they walk another 450 kilo meters to reach Chennai.The walkathon was flagged of at west coast of Kozhikode, Kerala on December 9. They are leaving Mysore on December 16 and reach Bangalore on December 21 via Bannur, Malavalli and culminate the walkathon at Chennai on January 11 and return to their country by January 19.

Nick says, he love India very much and its a very special place for him. 'This is my 6th visit to India and the walkathon was planned 15 months ago and my children supported very much for this. I want to do something for the nation and hence choose collecting charity to help needy children. Every Child is special and should be provided with all facilities,' he said and thanked his family members and kids for their support and walking all the way long with him.

His family members said they are very proud of Nick and asked everyone to contribute to any one of the noble projects to get underprivileged children and to provide a better standard of living.

The family members took part in the event at Kiriya Pushpa Campus situated near Silk Factory on Thursday and distributed bicycles for girls, school kits for children, educational packs for orphaned children, medical kits for HIV affected children, drinking water facilities for 67 Anganwadi Centres and Balavadis.

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