Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The new rule of AICTE has put students into hardship

The new rule which has been amended by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), has put students into hardship, who want to pursue their career in Engineering and had opted for Computer science / Electronics while joining PUC or equivalent earlier. 

As per the recent regulations of AICTE, announced in their 2012 -13 hand book and KEA Rules, the eligibility criteria for admission to Engineering / Technology Courses will be based only on the student's performance in Chemistry/Biology/Biotechnology along with Physics and Mathematics in the PU II year/12th qualifying examination and scoring 45 per cent and above.

The students who have studied Electronics and Computer Science in the qualifying examinations will not be considered along with Physics and Mathematics for eligibility while admission to engineering courses from this year.

Former Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) Dean and present Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE) Dean Dr Syed Shakeeb Ur Rahman said that 'the new rule and lack of publicity has put students into hardship. There is no idea on what logic AICTE has implemented this rule.'

Though the rule was amended in March 2011 it was again withdrawn in July 2011. (Due to this many students had to withdraw some subject and rewrite the exam to attain eligible percentage to join engineering or had to join some other degree courses and lost Money when the rule was withdrawn and granted additional ranking for engineering admission during the academic year 2011-12).

But now, again this academic year, the eligibility criteria for admission to Engineering / Technology course is based only on Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry/BioTechnology/Biology and not Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry/BioTechnology/Biology/ Computer Science/Electronics.

Until we receive further notification from KEA / VTU / AICTE we can't consider Electronics / Computer Science for the said eligibility criteria, unless they have secured about 135 marks in other subject (Physics, Maths and Chemistry only in case the student has opted computer science or electronics as 4th optional subject), said a member from the management of ATME College of Engineering.

When Express Spoke with couple of students and parents, they were shocked and disappointed by the new rule which was amended all of a sudden without giving wide publicity.

Student Pavan (name changed) said that “I studied PCM with combination of Electronics and scored 52% in PME. But when I sought admission in one of the Engineering Colleges in the city, they said I don’t have eligibility as per the new AICTE rules because my score in PCM is less than 45%. So, I have to withdraw Mathematics and once again write exams to obtain eligibility. Now, if I score above 45% in PCM, I can seek admission for Engineering."

Another parent Murali said that “even though only few students take Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Electronics/Computer Science combination, when there is no eligibility for engineering / architecture courses, authorities of the concerned PU College should have brought into the notice of students and or parents at the time of admission to PU/equivalent. Now, students are unnecessarily put into confusion."

“While students opting for Medicine have the advantage of Biology being considered for ranking (along with Physics and Chemistry) why are the students opting for Engineering deprived of not considering Computer Science or Electronics,” is the question asked by most worried students and their parents.

Show cause notice for more than 310 technical colleges

Even though last year the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the governing body which regulates all Engineering and Technical colleges across the country, had issued show cause notice many had not adhered to it as the AICTE has once again issued a fresh notice for more than 310 technical and engineering colleges this year too without granting any further appeals.

The notices has been issued to 72 colleges in Tamil Nadu; 70 in Maharashtra; 64 in Andhra Pradesh, 30 in Uttar Pradesh; 14 colleges from Karnataka and Kerala respectively, 21 at Haryana; 10 in Rajasthan; 5 in Delhi, 3 in Punjab, 2 at Himachal Pradesh and 10 various other colleges situated in Orissa, West Bengal and Jharkhand.

In all, colleges situated in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh are increase in number of obtaining notices for deficinecies. The notices has been issued citing lack of infrastructure, due in salary payment to faculty, or it might the college functioning on temporary location and does not own proper land documents and various other issues.

Acting tough AICTE has asked these institutes why they should not be de-recognized for the lapses. After receiving replies from the concerned institution, the AICTE will decide on the course of action. The Council even recommended criminal action against certain Engineering colleges.

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