Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well-known vocalist Shankar Shanbhogue music concert in Mysore

 Shankar Shanbhogue an well-known vocalist and a crusader, who is on a mission to spread the essence of poetry with the help of music and wants to raise humanism in human being through the energy of music through his unique concept of Kavya Sangeeta, will be staging 'Antharanga', a unique programme in city.

The programme Antharanga – 4, will be held in Mysore for first time on May 27 at 10.30 am at Premier House, No 314, Dewans Road (next to Marimallappa College). The event has been jointly organised by Saatvika Cultural Foundation, Bangalore and Samarpana, Mysore.

He will be singing about ten songs on the occasion accompanied with Veerabhadraiah on Harmonium and Raghu on Tabla. The theme of the songs will be explained by Dr HS Venkatesh Murthy.

Hailing from Chikkamangalore District Shankar Shanbhogue has rendered thousands of music programmes across country and on a path to educate people. For him music is a sword that brings social reformation, social transformation, a revival of moralistic society. It is also a medium to ease emotional turmoil’s of life and to raise human spirit into higher level of pure consciousness.
Though he holds diploma in Mechanical Engineering, the love of music has held him steadfast as a performer. Under the title of 'Antharanga' he holds free music concert across country and sing kannada poetry which includes Dasa Sahitya, Vachana Sahitya, Bhavageethe, Janapada Sahitya and so on. Another unique thing of his concerts is, before singing the songs the summary and meaning of the song will be briefed by a renowned poet.

Shanbhogue says, when the theme of the song is explained, it touches the heart of the people and they might change their mind-set. He got inspired keen interest from his mother Anasuya, who was singing Dasa Sahitya.

He has rendered programme in Canada, UK, USA, Middle East and has formed Saatvika Cultural Foundation in Bangalore just to fulfill his finest ambition of educating the lay man. As a play back singer he has sung for both motion pictures and non film musical recordings. He has composed songs for ballets and musical productions in the field of Dance, as a composer for National Games and Aero India Shows in association with eminent maestros and music directors.

He feels, music should create higher sensibility in the listener and should not become mere exercise to show off one’s control over technical nuances of music and its rendition should transcend entertainment. 'Good music goes beyond mere stress release; it stirs the fathoms of the listener’s soul.'

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