Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Watch out your speedometer, else you get notice at home

While driving keep an eye on the speedometer. If you violate the rule and exceed the permissible speed you get notice to home by the Traffic Police who are equipped with Interceptors. Since December 1, 2011 to May 20, 2012, around 2,213 cases (only four-wheelers) have been booked out of which 1389 cases have already been dispensed with. An average of 62.72 per cent cases have been disposed off so far, collecting Rs 4,16,700 fine.

Notices will be sent directly to the violators house seeking to pay fine. For other State persons those who violate rules fine is collected on the spot. If a traffic violator fails to reply to the notice within a stipulated time of 15 days, court summons will be issued.

Measures have been taken to collect the fine from remaining 38 % for traffic rules violators. Though in the past too fines were collected on the spot from traffic violators, there was heated arguments between the violators and the Traffic police. But now there is no choice to argue but to owe up their mistake and pay the penalty. As complete documentary evidence of the traffic violators is now available it becomes easier for the cops too prosecute.

The vehicle provides the speed of the moving vehicles providing instant information along with details like date, time and place. This technological innovation has led to better dispensation of justice.

Each Interceptor vehicle has two persons of which one is the driver and other the operator. There are six such vehicles already in operation in Mysore city. According to sources, plans have been made to install a software when traffic offenders from across the country can be issued notice.

Not only over speeding but also drunken driving can be detected and captured on video. The system comprises of customised vehicle platform, enforcement equipment, hardware, software, complimented with data analysis centre. On account of increasing number of vehicles and shortage of staff, the Interceptor has come as a boon for the Traffic police personnel.

ACP (Traffic) Shanakaregowda said that it is learnt for accidents of two-wheelers contribution of four-wheelers is more and at present cases are book against only four-wheelers drivers, who violate the rules.

How it works

Interceptors are mounted inside vehicles which has facilities to capture real time video of vehicles moving at a distance and also simultaneously monitor their speed. Any traffic violation by a motorist like crossing white line, overtaking from wrong side, jumping traffic light in addition to over-speeding cab be recorded in real time as evidence of the offense. The Interceptors are equipped with flip type LCD monitor which can take pictures of speeding vehicles from as far as 1.5 km along with a clear picture of the Registration number plate.

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