Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cops continue to be humiliated from their bosses

Compared to earlier days, today more number of highly qualified such as Degree, Post-Graduate and even Ph.D holders are joining the Police Department. Without breaking the tradition, even now top officers continue to order their juniors to do works like fetching vegetables from the market, drop children to schools, supply coffee and tea to visitors at the Police station, the situation becomes humiliating for these highly qualified junior officers.

It seems like Police Department which stands first for discipline is also notorious for harassment meted out to its staff. In spite of adopting a slew of measures to modernize the department, hundreds of Police personnel in the lower cadre are suffering silently the dominance meted out from the top officials.

A few PCs (Police Constables) and Head Constables sharing their bitter experiences with the Express on condition of anonymity, alleged that they are being harassed more by Sub-Inspectors and not from other higher officials.

“We are addressed singularly without due respect, some times calling us with filthy language. If we dare to reply back, the senior official threaten to file an adverse report about us, forcing  us to keep quiet. We often get the feeling why we joined this department for suffering this inhuman treatment ,” says another constable who has been assigned by his senior to drop children to their schools daily.

“I joined the Department with lofty dreams of serving people. Only later, I realised the real situation is quite different. I was asked to serve tea to the accused visiting police station, facing criminal charges, with political connections. It was the biggest insult for me," says one Head Constable.

“We work round the clock. But, we are not allowed to take leaves, even at times of emergency in our families. Former DG and IGP Ajay Kumar Singh brought some reforms in the department for which we are very thankful for him,” said the Cops.

Ajay Kumar Singh said that “either its constable or any senior cop, every body is a Police and due respect should be given to subordinates'.

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