Friday, August 17, 2012

Only 3 sewage cleaning machines for 9 lakh population

Though it might sound a bit strange, yet its a fact. To clean the city's sewage and manholes, Mysore City Corporation (MCC) has only three drainage cleaning machines (jetting machines) besides ten automated sewer cleaning rodding machines.

The three drainage cleaning machines, which have both blowing and sucking features are driven all over city to clean the sewage pipes and remove blockages. The machines are used for cleaning manholes, a jet of water pumped at high pressure through a long hose pipe to clear the blockages while another pipe sucks up the dislodged debris.

While one was bought wayback in 2001 (4,000 liter capacity), the remaining two were purchased in 2009, which cost around Rs 40 lakh for each are of 8,000 liter capacity. Of the 10 rodding machines, two have been provided for Zone 9, while the remaining zones with one each. The machines cost around Rs 50,000 for each.

With daily around 90-130 complaints being registered from 65 wards, with population around 9 lakh, it has become challenging task for the workers to attend all the complaints. Specially, during rainy season, its an unimaginable thing how workers manage to clean the city's drainage. According to sources from Corporation, they are failing to attend all the complaints in a day, and they attend the complaints in next two-three days.

Corporation's Junior Engineer Kempegowda said a proposal to purchase two additional sewage cleaning machines and four D-silt cleaning machines (which is already in the possession of Bangalore Corporation) was submitted to former Corporation Commissioner KS Raikar and the same proposal made once again to the new Commissioner, but so far no action has been initiated.
Mayor Rajeshwari said that plans have been made for machines under 13th finance plan.

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