Friday, August 17, 2012

Shortage of Madilu kits in the district

In order to provide basic post-natal care to both mother and the new born baby, the State Government come out with an ambitious plan of supplying 'Madilu Kits' to mothers delivering babies.
But these kits are in short supply in the district, with increase in the number of new born babies. According to sources the shortfall is sometimes an alarming around 40 per cent which means that for every 100 births only around 60 people get the kits and the rest are sent away empty handed.

Under Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY), when a women get conceived she will be provided with mother card in the PHC's. The card will be provided for both above poverty line families and below poverty line families, in which free treatment will be provided till the child completes 30 days. But, Madilu Kit will be provided only for the below poverty line families, who deliver babies in government hospital.

According to sources from KR Hospital Health Care Workers, since February they have supplied 650 madilu kit, and from May the supply of Kit has been stopped and the beneficiaries are sent empty hand.

The officer say, 'per month 1,000 of children take birth in hospital, in which above 60 per cent them belong to BPL families. Withing 30 days the card holder should collect the kit. Due to acute shortage of supply, with no other way we are sending the mother-children in empty hands.'

District Health Officer Dr SM Malegowda acclaims that there is no shortage of Kit, but the supply has been stopped since May. He said by this week they will distributing the kit.

When contacted District Nursing Officer Hosamani her answers were quite deteriorating. She said “as we doctors are protesting, until our demands are fulfilled we will be not reporting anything to the doctors. From May we have not supplied the kits.”

The kit consisting of 19 essential items like Mosquito curtain, carpet, bedsheet,  blanket for mother, Bathing Soap, Washing soap, Cloth to tie abdomen of mother, Sanitary pads, Comb and coconut oil, Towel, Tooth paste and brush, bed spread over rubber sheet for the baby, Diaper, Baby vest, Sweater, cap and socks for baby, One plastic kit bag and much more.

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