Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guide book in braille for visually impaired visiting Palace

Earlier the blind and visually impaired visiting Mysore Palace had to contend by merely listening to the verbal descriptions of the guide but now they can read those descriptions and feel it. 

In an innovative step to provide complete information to visually challenged tourists about the city Palace, Mysore Palace Board is coming out with a tourist guide printed in Braille not just in English but also in other regional languages as well.

Just a month ago, Palace Board released the 100 “Braille tourist guide” book in English. Among 100 books about 92 books have been distributed to the needy people so far. Following the overwhelming response and collecting feedback from the visually impaired, now Palace Board not only printing its 2nd edition in English, instead is translating the book into Kannada, Hindi and all other regional languages of Braille.

The 90 pages guide features history of palace, Wadiyar dynasty and rulers, architectural designs, temples in the place and much more details. The books are being printed at Deaf and Dumb Braille Government Printing Press. The books are distributed to deaf and visually impaired at free of cost. Place Guides have been asked to inform the needy people about the Guide Book.

Palace board deputy director TS Subramanya said that complete tourist information has been printed in the guide book. “Translation to Kannada Braille is all most over and shortly the books will be brought out. While, other languages translations are on process.”   

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