Sunday, September 2, 2012

Now, get ready to view nocturnal animals in day time

Get ready to see nocturnal animals and birds in their natural habitats at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens by coming Dasara. Following the demand of visitors to see the nocturnal animals, Mysore Zoo is developing separate enclosure to house nocturnal animals, on the lines of Hyderabad Zoo.

The environment inside the enclosure is artificially controlled during day time using beam lights, so that visitors can view the animals and birds during daytime. Around 6-7 species of nocturnal animals like wild cat, three varieties of owl, palm civets, bat, porcupines, night jars will be housed at present and plans have been made to add some more in coming days.

They will be housed in the already existing building over an area of 30x100 sq feet, adjacent to Fish Aquarium, Karnaji Lake. The interiors are in cave shape and modification of building works is  under way.

Apart this, in a bid to provide close view of animals and birds to the animal lovers, glass partitions will be done inside the cave and is being modified with natural environ  atmosphere.

Karnataka Zoo Authority Chairman M Nanjundaswamy said “a team from Mysore Zoo, including veterinary doctors, engineers had visited the Hyderabad Zoo, and later the decision was taken to build a similar house here too.”

“As the animals feel uncomfortable under bright artificial lights, low density light (similar to moon light) will be used in day time and during night it will be turned off, so that they can rest in their nests and even it won't harm them.”

In Hyderabad Zoo, to watch the nocturnal house additional tickets fair is charged. While, the visitors to Mysore Zoo can watch the nocturnal animals without buying any additional tickets, he added.

“We always used to plead zoo keepers to show the nocturnal animals, and they used to refuse it, as it disturbs their sleep. Now, am eagerly waiting to see the animals in their natural habitat,” says Kala Ramesh from Bangalore, who visits zoo oftenly.

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