Sunday, September 2, 2012

Industrial Export center to come up in Mysore

Henceforth foreigners coming to Mysore can also simultaneously do business, alongside watching historic places. The city will soon have an exclusive Industrial Export Centre, where local manufacturers who intend to explore the possibilities of exporting their products can exhibit them at the Centre.
It's not just the foreign tourists but even other businessmen can directly import these products from the Center. All details of the manufacturer exhibiting his products will be displayed at the Export House.

Industrialists think that the Centre will boost the local industries in Mysore, as Mysore has good number of units capable of exporting goods.

The Centre is proposed to be set-up over half-acre land belonging to Mysore Industries Association near Ring Road. The project is estimated to cost Rs 8 crore, of which Rs 1 crore will be borne by State and Central government. Rs 30 lakh has already been sanctioned by the Stage Government.

“After Bangalore, Mysore is the next biggest industrial hub and this opportunity must be made maximum use. There are several small industries in Mysore which have the potential to export goods abroad. Once the Centre is opened several foreign visitors can interact directly with export merchants,” observed Mysore Industries Association President  P Vishwanath.

“World over the export business runs into trillions of dollars, but we are yet to reach that level. We are already  facing threat from the Chinese Market. The cost of our produce is high as it includes cost of labour and power which are subsidized in China," he opined.

“There is a huge demand for Handicrafts, food products and miniature artworks. Our granites are also sought after amongst several other commodities. The major hurdles industries in Mysore face are connectivity and infrastructure," he said.

India by itself is a huge consumer market and there is a huge competition within India. Already some foreign countries are worried about India and China. Compared to China our's is a country with lot of potential. We have also requested government to sanction special funds for various developmental works.

If anybody visiting Mysore feel bad seeing the condition our roads, it implicitly goes without saying that their expectation about the quality of our products will also be negative, he regretted.

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