Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dejected lover pens poems in memory of his lover

This four letter magic word 'LOVE' changes the life of every person it happens to touch upon. And for those who lost their sweethearts in the process life will never be the same again. While some decide to remain unmarried, others go to the extreme of taking their life and few others get addicted to drinking, drugs, tying to forget the bad incident.

And, here is another tragic love story of a 25-year-old N Sunil Muktha who lost his love but somehow found his own way to overcome the loss of the broken love affair.
Being a Diploma Engineer (Fire and Safety), Sunil fell in love with a girl, when he was just 18-years-old. Everything went on well for eight years. But, suddenly the unthinkable happened. Their eight years love story came to an end when the girl walked out of Sunil's life last year.

Deeply hurt over the break-up Sunil decided to end his life. Meantime, his girl friend brother who was studying 8th standard committed suicide. After going through agonizing pain for over a year, suddenly things took a turn  in his life. He decided to pen poems in memory of his lover.

He has named his collection 'April 24', to mark the birthday of the girl.  Not satisfied with that he launched a charitable Trust, 'Pranamitra Beeresh Charitable Trust', in memory of her brother who passed away. Through his Trust he has plans to uplift the poor children and bring them into main stream.

Sunil said that “None can fill the place of my lost love. I have decided not to marry and remain a bachelor, dedicating myself for the welfare of needy people through the Trust.”

When asked the reason for the break-up he said that the girl's parents refused to offer their daughter citing the reason he was poor and may not be able to look after her properly. But added hopefully, "In case the girl decides to come back, I am ready to accept her with open heart.”

Through poems he has expresses the pain he is undergoing, felling he had over the girl making readers emotional. Artiste Badal Nanjundaswamy release the book in city on Tuesday.

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