Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vegetable vendors have high hope on new government

The sorry state of vegetable and fruits sellers on Mahatma Gandhi Road is unexplainable. The vendors are struggling hard to lead life due to several problems.

After D Devaraj Urs Market, this vegetable market is considered as biggest market and people throng here to purchase fresh vegetables, fruits from the wee hours. But, there is no permanent shelter for them to sell their veggies. During rainy season women, girls, struggle in rain to sell their vegetables.

The then DC Manivannan had taken measures to construct the permanent shelter in the vacant place. But, the politicians created controversies and the case is pending in court and everything is unclear,” sais Bettaiah, vendor.

Following water crisis due to drought the yield has come down this year. Meantime, soar in prices of vegetables, fruits has led the business down, pushing farmers life into misery. Farmer Nanjunda says: “people are buying half kilo vegetables in place of more than one kilo, following price hike.”

Lack of cleanliness, and dilapidated condition of shops are the problems witnessed in D Devaraj Urs. Parking problem is also causing inconvenience among people and sellers.

Thus, the traders have decided to elect the candidate who hear their grievances and think of eradication of poverty. Majority of them opined that they are fed-up with the rule of BJP government, while some say let any government shall come to power, no one thinks of development of poor people.

The next government should promote agriculture sector in state, and think of development of state and bring down the prices of essential commodities, says Venkatesh, of D Devaraj Urs Market.

Sellers Sowmya says: “Development means not only providing basic facilities and improving cities. Instead bringing poor people to the mainstream of society, which no party candidates think of. Once they get elected voters are sidelined and indulge in minting money.”

We are fed-up with the selfish, greed politics, who concentrate more on their growth, they people. This time we have decided to cast our vote for a candidate who think of upliftment of lower class people,” says Afsar, vegetable vendors member.

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