Friday, April 19, 2013

Spending holidays in 'Ajji Mane' becomes 'outdated'

The age old practice of children enjoying their summer holidays by visiting their granny's house has become outdated as summer camps have become a big attraction for parents who can't afford to spend time with their children because of busy schedule. 

Though summer camps have brought relief for parents to some extent, grand parents feel its not a good move. Being traditional, cultural country, today's generation people are neither in a position to look into their wards, nor parents. Old people are sent for oldage homes, and children to summer camps. 

“The only time I used to spend long time with my grand children was summer. From last two years the children are sent for summer camp in Bangalore, and hardly they visit Mysore for four days or a week. I feel, the concept of leading life has completely changed,” says 72-year-old Yashodamma, who is eagerly looking after her grand children way.

Another 60-year-old granny Lalitha, mother of four says: “Life become misery at old time. After my husband passed away, I did marriage of four and all of them have children. The pain of loneliness cant be explained. Children, grand children are busy in their activities, they even don’t have time to come on occasions.”

While, Parent Rekha says: “We are happy to enroll our children for summer camps. They get new friends, they can enrich their knowledge which will be indeed helpful for their future and to face this competitive world.”

Meanwhile summer camps are mushrooming every year offering wide variety of creative events and games for children. The themes at the camp vary from Indian to Western. While some camps even offering colourful attires for six year old tots. A few have made good use of the opportunity and converted it into a profitable business by attracting children to their summer camp during these two months of April and May.

Though some organisation are attracting children towards them through introducing rural sports and festival traditions, some concentrate on fitness, martial arts, cricket, football, basketball, swimming, computer classes, camps and wide variety of events.

While some on yoga, meditation, personality development horse ride, camp fire, theatre camps, calligraphy and filigree, cultural, sports, adventure events, kolebasavanna marriage, rural sports, marakoti play, rangoli and much more.

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