Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Empowerment of women through scientific career

The Department of Biotechnology, University of Mysore, under the project 'The Women Scientists Scheme (WOS)' to empower women who have breaks in their career due to familial and societal reasons.

The Women Scientists Scheme has been evolved in the context, by the Department of Science and Technology for providing opportunities to women scientists and technologies between the age group of 30 to 50 years who desire to return to mainstream science and work as bench-level scientists. The department empowers women by providing them with research grants in the field of Life Sciences.

Under the scheme, women are empowered with self sustained management of research goals, besides gaining confidence in their life to be employed as long as they are delivering the quality and value added research to the scientific society.

In the same, a subject expert committee meeting on 'The Women Scientists Scheme (WOS)' was held in city from July 18 to 21. The major outcome of the meeting was to have an impact on the scientific career of the women who wish to come back to the main stream of research in life sciences.

Subject Expert Committee Member Prof Bharathi P Salimath said that women constitute an important section of the workforce. "However, the present situation of a large number of weel-qualified women who due to various circumstances have been left out of the Science and Technology activities needs to be addressed," she added.

She further said, The WOS is aimed to create opportunities for women scientists for pursuing research in basic or applied sciences in frontier areas of science and engineering, on problems of societal relevance, followed by self-employment.

The subject experts who constituted the committee to validate the scientific content of the women scientists are chosen from all over India and are the cream of academicians from life sciences background. For details contact 0821-2419879.  

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