Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Read all religious books under one roof

'Manvantara Samvahana Balaga Dharmika Granthalaya', a library dedicated exclusively to matters related to religion is functioning at Chamundipuram from Mysore from last three months.
A wide array of collection of religious books not just limited to Hinduism but also Christianity, Islam and other religions of the world can be witnessed here.
The library houses rare books, seven of which are said to date back more than four centuries. To name a few Vruthamala, Gurucharitra, Bhagvadgita, Mahabharatha, Kumaravasya Bharatha and others.
Entire 100 issues of our city's famous Vontikoppal Panchanga right from 1913 upto the latest 2013 can be find here. A collection of magazine named 'Saptagiri' beginning from1979, copies of Quaran in Kannada and Arabic, books on Bible and also on matters related to spiritual, like books on Ramakrishnaparamahamsa, Buddha, Ramanujacharya, Shankaracharya, Basaveshwara, Pathanjali Yoga Sutras amongst various others. The pocket Bhagvadgita housed in the library is cynosure of all eyes and measures just about 3x2.5 inches.
The intention of the Balaga members is to open the library to educate youngsters not only about our religion but also of other religions as well. The idea of opening the religious library first occurred to Balaga President Venkataram Kashyap when he was pained to see copies of Bhagavadgita and Ramanayana being thrown in the scrap for disposal. Not wasting a moment he immediately purchased the books and started hunting for other religious books. Kashyap was successful in collecting more than 1200 books, several among them are rare being out of print since decades.
Hearing about Kashyap's plans, a kind hearted couple, Sathyanarayana, a retired railway employee and his wife Lakshmi came forward and donated a portion of their house to setup the library, in memory of his first wife Madhuri who had passed away ten years ago and was a staunch devotee of God.
Kashyap claimed that this was the first in the entire State, a religious library run entirely by private individuals. The library will be opened for public between 4.30 to 6.30 pm. If any one interested to donate books for the library contacted 95385 22053.

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