Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The monsoon has brought teething problems with it

The current monsoon has brought big relief in one side, while in other side has brought with it some teething problems as well. Though people are enjoying the chill weather, and are having a big relief from sweltering heats and drinking water scarcity, lack of civic amenities daunting the citizens.

Rain water is over flowing on the tarred roads because of clogged drainages at several places. The standing water is further spoiling the already deteriorated pot-holed roads across city.

In several places the pot holes are completely covered with standing rain water, making it appear like a mini-puddle. There are several instances, where riders especially two-wheelers have missed balance over vehicle unaware of the depth of the pot holes. Specially, for those commute on roads for first time it will be nightmare.

Apart, this open drains filled with weeds, silt and clogged rain water has become cause of concern in several residential localities. Added to this, rampant growth of parthenium and other weeds in vacant sites located left uncared by their respective owners and also Mysore City Corporation, has become heaven for mosquitoes to breed and cause of fear among citizens with the outbreak of dengue. 

"Untarred roads, filled with pot holes has become a regular feature of the city's roads and it seems civic authorities as well as the general public have decided this is 'fate' and nothing can be done about it. Youngsters should raise voice against this and bring changes," says senior citizen VB Mukunda, expressing anger.

"The accidents rates also increases with bad roads. The concerned officials should immediately fill the pot holes and provide commuter-friendly roads first. In several places the rain water has clogged in parking places for days together, forcing commuters to park their vehicles in other places, which again results in traffic congestion," student L Sandhya.

When contact, Mysore City Corporation PG Ramesh in this regard, he was not available over phone.

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