Monday, December 12, 2016

A tea sellers son directs a movie

Doing a bar job, Prashanth dreamt of directing movie 

He was eight. Working in a bar he dreams to become a film director. Facing all the challenges and difficulties in life from the childhood, this 24-year-old K Prashanth at last has fulfilled his dream by directing a movie. He has come out with his new venture “Amavase” with tagline ‘Love Vs Friendship’ and the movie to hit the screens in the month of January.

Hailing from a poor family, Prashanth being a son of tea seller Krishnamurthy, who sales tea sorrunding to suburban bustand and KR Circle, and mother Ramamani a tailor, his path towards directing a movie was not a easy go. After school hours from the age of eight, he has worked for nearly a decade in a bar as a cleaner washing glasses and utensils to eke for livelihood. But his desire to direct a movie did not washed away.

In the initial days he started practicing writing scripts based on the conversations of customers who used to visit the bar. When he was 17-year-old he decided to quit the bar job and discontinued his ITI Training education with passionate towards making movies. With financial crunch he could not take film courses. But,  he worked for couple of years as cameraman for films and dedicated himself to learn basic of film production, direction and has learnt in a very short time. 

Later he faced other sorts of problems to find a producer. He has knocked the doors of several producers for making of movie ‘Amavase’, and has faced embarrassments for more than two years. Luckily, a doctor Chandrashekhar, accompanied with his friend Jagadish showed interest to produce the movie, and invested Rs 1.20 crores for making the movie ‘Amavase’. This is how Prashanth’s first movie has come to reality and all set to release in January.

Speaking to Express, Prashanth said: “ Nowadays its the content in the movies what driving people towards theater and not stardom. Targeting all section of people have directed the move and am sure people will enjoy the movie and I hope good response. My desire is to direct a movie for Hat-trick hero Shivarajkumar.’

Going down the memory lane, he said: 'Its my childhood dream to direct a movie. Have seen severl ups and downs in my lilfe. From tender age I started practicing script writing. There is a sense of satisfaction with successful completion of the movie 'Amavase'.

Majority of them are freshener in the movie, and hail from Mysore. The hero of the movie is Rajiv, while heroin Dharani. There are five songs in the movie and the duration is 1:45 hours, adds Prashanth whose hobby is reading books and doing mimicry.

He has named the movie 'Amavase' as he started writing script and ended on 'Amavase' day, and producer gave green signal for production on 'Amavase' day.


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