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Child Trafficking Row has spread overseas

The Child Trafficking was existence in the cultural city Mysuru was going unreported from past six years. In a surprise the child trafficking racket in Mysuru has spread overseas. All this came to light only after the recent kidnap of nine month old child from a beggar in Nanjangud. Cops who started inquired the kidnapping case ended up busting a child trafficking racket in district.

The young children were used for illegal adoption. They are sold for neighbouring State Kerala, Bengaluru, Mengaluru, Sagar, Bhdaravathi, whereas far country like USA. Its also suspected a kid from Kerala has been given for illegal adoption to Kenya. The cops have traced a child traded to foreigner, residing in the United States and have sent a letter to her seeking cooperation to investigate the case, and bring back the child for further investigation. If she false to cooperate she might be treated as accused. The cops also to visit Kerala soon to re-inquire about a child traded to Kenya. 

Educated, aged couple, and well settled are among those who have adopted.
The children were sold from Rs 1 lakh upto Rs 4 lakh and more money was paid for good looking babies. Police have started checking all the birth / death / missing complaints of children born in hospitals and to tally all the figures to find any other people are involved in the child trafficking.

So far the Mysuru District Police have arrested 11 persons and 16 children have been rescued, including nine girls, who are in the age group of 25 days to six years. Out of 16 children rescued, four parents have been identified and their parentage is being confirmed through DNA test to handover the child to parents if they are interested. For those parents have not been found, the children will be reunited legally with the parents who had already adopted them. While, the rescued children have been housed at Bapuji Children’s Home in Mysuru, Janapada Seva Trust in Mandya and Bala Vikasana Samsthe.

Majority of the rescued children have taken birth in Nasim and Aravind Hospital, and have been given for illegal adoption. In one glaring incident, hospital authorities have declared the child was dead for biological parents, and have given for adoption to a childless couple. A person Madanlal who adopted a child in a illegal way first, later has turned Agent. A trader in Mysuru Ashok Gupta, who has also adopted a child in a illegal way is not ready to handover his 6-year-old child. Cops are trying to convince to their best. To a surprise one of the arrested Ravichandra in the trade has sold his own daughter, born to a lady who he had illicit affair.

The gang had a huge network and were selling the children in a very organised way. The team with the help of staff nurse used to find out those want to abort, and find parents in poverty. There are instances staff nurse used to convince and send back those had approached for abortion. Luring the desperate parents who are reeling under poverty they used to purchase the vulnerable children, and producing fake birth certificates and other related documents and were selling the children for the childless couples.

How cops busted the racket

Soon after the kidnap case was booked at Nanjangud Police Station, the team was formed under the supervision of SP Ravi Channanavar. With lot of efforts by cops the racket was busted. There are instances cops have worked sleepless for more than a week to bust this racket and have collected information about their modus operandi operated in the racket. There might be still lot more people involved in the crime and cops are engaged in further investigation.

The main accused in the case are: Drivers S Mahesh (29) of Vidyanagar and C Venkatesh (38) of Yaraganahalli, Mysuru; CJ Usha  (45) and CJ Francis (55) of Nasim Medical Center, Bannimantapa; Anusha (40) and Nurse Renuka (41) of Mandi Mohalla;
Mohan K M (26) of Periyapatna, Trader Madanlal (44) of Mysuru, Ravichndra (24) resident of Dattagalli and electrician, N Shankar (26) of Vidyanagar and B Ashok (25) of Papanna Layout. Aravind Hospital and Naseem hospitals are under scanner who have helped the gang.

Superintendent of Police Ravi D Channannavar said that to lead a lavish life and to earn in a easy way they engaged in the child trafficking. Addressing the media persons here on Thursday, among the arrested Ravichandra, Ashok and N Shankar are habitual offenders and were wanted in other cases sine 2013. They used to purchase expensive cars, host DJ parties at star hotels and used to do robbery at residential areas in night, and along with engaged in child trade. Ravichandra has sold his own child.

With arrest of the above three the cops have cracked 13 cases related to dacoity, robbery, extortion took place at Kuvempunagar, Vijayanagar, Saraswathipuram, Nazarbad, Udayagiri and Lashkar Police Station. The cops have seized Rs 1.5 lakh cash, and valuables worth Rs 57 lakh. That is, 1284 gms of gold worth 28 lakh; silver ornaments worth Rs 1 lakh; four cars worth Rs 12 lakh, televisions worth Rs 1.5 lakh, one bike and a laptop worth Rs 80,000, four mobile phones worth Rs 1 lakh, eight expensive watches of Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh cash. The properties seized from the arrested were displayed and the valuables were handed over to the respective owners.

The team of Police headed by Additional SP Kala Krishnaswamy were awarded Rs 1 lakh cash prize and a certificate for busting the racket. Additional SPs Vikram Amte and Divya Sarah Thomas were present. 

Handover rescued children to foster parents: Advocate

Karnataka Commission for Protection of Child Rights should advice Child Welfare Committee (CWC) Mysuru to take steps to release the children from their ‘imprisonment’, who are rescued by district police unearthing a child trafficking racket in Mysuru, says PP Baburaj, Advocate and former Member of Child Welfare Committee. 

In his letter to the Commission, he has stated the rescued 16 children have housed in three orphanages of Mysuru and Mandya. The biological parents of these children have not come forward so far. The best way to protect the interest of the children is to release them to the custody of their respective care givers under foster care and thus legalise them with a monitoring package. If the biological parents never turn up, the adoption procedures can be taken up by the foster parents with the help of CWC in the due course of time, he adds.

‘The Child Welfare Committee, unfortunately is acting as Child Torture Committee. It has violated the spirit and all the General principles of Care and Protection enshrined in Chapter II of Juvenile Justice Act 2015. All the foster care givers were treated as hard core criminals and they were not given a fair hearing. CWC used accusatory and adversarial words with the parents and children in the process of making an order of detaining the children in orphanages’, he states.

Missing children list

Below 18 years

2015 - Male: 28 missing; 21 traced

Female: 17 missing; 16 traced

2016 - Male : 16 missing cases; 14 traced

Female: 10 missing cases - 4


* To lead a lavish life and to earn in a easy way they engaged in the child trafficking
* The new borns and young children were used for illegal adoption
* Cops have traced a child traded to foreigner, residing in the United States
* The children were sold from Rs 1 lakh upto Rs 4 lakh and more money for good looking babies.
* Notorious criminal Ravichandra has sold his own daughter
* Rs 1 lakh cash prize and certificates distributed for cops who busted the racket

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