Sunday, December 18, 2016

Soon vegetables, fruit waste to be sent to Pinjarapole

 The fruits and vegetables waste generated in Mysuru will be soon handed over to Pinjarapole Society, located at foothills of Chamundi Hill. An average 25 to 30 tonnes of waste is generated every day from D Devaraj Urs, MG Road Vegetable Market, Vani Vilas, Mandi Mohalla, and RMC.
Thus, MCC authorities have planned to handover the vegetables, fruit waste to Pinjarapole society, which is taking care of more than 4000 cows, including cattle, buffalos. This will not only reduce the quantity of waste being dumped to landfills, whereas will be a great help for society.

With city generating 402 tonnes of waste every day, more than 350 tonnes is wet waste. Earlier villagers from surrounding villages used to visit market and collect banana stems, leaves, fruits, vegetables, for livestocks, while flower and other waste were converted to manure and used for agriculture activities. Since last two decades they stopped collection of waste. Later, for few months the waste was handed over to Pinjarapole and later it was dumped to landfills.

A week ago, MCC has conducted meeting with the society members to handover the vegetables and fruit waste. MCC Commissioner Jagadeesh said that by next week the vegetables waste will be sent to Pinjarapole so that vegetable and fruit waste can be addressed to higher extent.

Sources in the Pinjarapole said that 'in 2009 for couple of months waste were handed over to the Pinjarapole, but was later stopped. Now, soon an agreement will be entered to collect the vegetable waste. The waste generated during festival season will be more and it will be helpful to feed livestock. Following drought it was quite challenging to arrange fodder for cattle and the move of MCC will be helpful to some extent to feed livestocks. 

Compost Units at hostels soon

MCC is also planning to set up a compost units at hostels, market, institutions, apartments, hotels which generate bulk wet waste, so that the wet waste will be compost at source.

Corporation officials say they have achieved 100 per cent in door to door collection of waste. Whereas, only 40 per cent achievement in segregation of waste at source. Thus, in days to come more emphasis will be given to segregation of waste at source and treating waste at source. Residents will be educated about segregation of waste by next month. If any households fail to segregate they will be imposed penalty, and meantime people will be motivated to compost waste at source.

MCC Commissioner Jagadeesh said that Mysuru City Corporation has been awarded cleanest city twice, and still there is a huge scope for improvement and programmes will be implemented in phase manners. A big challenge is to educate people about segregation of waste, he added.

* To over come the shortage of Auto tipper, and compartment vehicles, soon 120 vehicles will be launched for collection of segregated waste.
* A meet has been held with hotel owners to have a compost unit. In first phase compost Units to be set up at hostels, market.
* To clean market in night time.  

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