Sunday, June 19, 2011

Airshow on miniature aircraft in city on June 19

For first of its kind, Mysore students are showcasing their talent on Aeromodelling and have organised airshow on miniature aircraft in city on June 19 at Mahajana College grounds between 10 am to 12 noon. On the occasion 35 students will exhibit their designing miniature modeled aircrafts and show how to fly them.

An Air show is being organized as the concluding part of the training programme and students will demonstrate their recently acquired skills in designing and flying miniature plane models. Both non-powered, uncontrolled, free-floating gliders as well as multi-engine, fueled, radio controlled air crafts having wingspans of six feet and more will be flown during the Air show.

The first ever Aeromodelling classes for the youth of Mysore was organized by Rotary Mysore in association with the International Academy of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (IAMAS). Now, the first batch of students who have successfully completed their classes are showcasing their talent.

First the students were thought about the basic parts of an aero plane and their functions, later they were familiarized with the different tools that were used in aeromodelling. At present the students are working on control line models and free flying models. They will build a Radio Controlled model in the final phase of the project.

During the last 7 months of its training programme, students have built various kinds of miniature air crafts under the able guidance of MMP Kumar, a retired NCC Associate Officer.

Aerodreamz was a program of a rare kind, introduced for the first time in Mysore with coordination from Ananya Balasubramanya and K Shreyas of IAMAS. The idea behind initiating the project was to introduce and popularize Aeromodelling among the city's youngsters. Rotary Mysore funded for the project. Aerodreamz was backed by IAMAS President K G Venkataraman.

Aeromodelling is the `King of All Hobbies', says Kumar, the course instructor, as it is not only fun oriented but demands a lot of concentration and patience.

`There is nothing more exciting than building my own mini aircraft and seeing it fly high. I don't get disappointed when it crashes because it's a challenge for me to rebuild and make it fly higher. It is a hobby that tickles the mind and develops creativity,' says Student Ashok.

He further adds `Even the simple of the simplest models have to be worked upon properly keeping in mind the basic principles of Aeromodelling. The real essence of Aeromodelling can be understood only when one rebuilds a plane that's crash landed, make it fly again as before by making suitable modifications in the model.

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