Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Multifaceted artist: This man become artist, when he bags prize in drawing contest !

Here is an artist who got interest in painting when he won prize in high school
Level. ML Somavarada is the artist. Hailing from Mandya, he was not interested in painting. But when he bagged first prize in painting contest, he got keen interest and started drawing paintings and opted it as a carrier.

His participation for painting contest was also accident. Sharing his memories with
Express he said that `out of curiosity one-day I accompanied my friends for district level painting contest held in Mandya. But once inside the room, the organizers announced that only those who are participating in the contest should remain and others should

`I got upset over this that I may have to leave the room, I decided to stay back and
with great effort I did a painting. Leaving the painting there I came out to watch the sugar factory nearby. A few moments had gone by when my friend came running towards me in great excitement and said, "Soma, your painting of Bhima and Dhuryodhana's wrestling
has won the first prize ! I was dumbstruck. This became the motivation for
painting," said Somavarada.

He is very much talented in various subjects like art, literature, science,
traveling and photography and is always touring all over the State popularizing art works. He has also illustrated over page design for many books and is also
good in interior and stage design. His modern art paintings drawn using basic shapes
and portraits drew everyone's attention. He is equally good in calligraphy design, letter design, modern, tradition and folk art.

ML Somavarada has did his BFA from KSOU and got tutored from the famous artist RM
Hadapada in his Ken Art School. His paintings have been exhibited at Kalamela, Kalajaatre,Mysore Dasara, Chitra Santhe, Bahuoopi, Pancharangu, Odanadi and
in various visual media channels dedicated for art.

He is also a Sub-Editor of a paper named 'Chandrike' and is one of the founder
member of an innovative group called 'Sobagu'. His 'Amurtha Art Centre' has become a bee hive of activity for various kinds of cultural activities. With active participation of noted humorist HL Keshavamurthy and environmentalist Nagesh Hegde, the Centre today has
become a meeting place for young artistes.

"All this I did because of my deep interest to study art intensely, because I did
not learn painting in the traditional way, rather my own life's experiences becoming my lessons. Everything that comes within the purview of our sight and experience can be transformed into art.”

`I do want any publicity and I am not so much interested exhibiting my talents. I
just want to impart my skill to many artist and the art filed should become ever ending,' he adds.

``The commercial art form such as advertisement can be compared to explicit form of
art, in contrast with the implicit (Amurtha) art form. Accordingly all bill-boards, banners and posters become means of earning money, which cannot be
said as artforms," and adds, "It is possible to bring out our feelings in a true
work of art.

“The scope and depth of its meaning is indeed quite vast, but can be interpreted
only according to one's own understanding of life. This also gives immense joy to the artiste and in fact there are several artistes amongst us who have made great names by bringing out best artistic talents,” he adds.

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