Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Iranian wants to translate his books into Kannada

Dariush GHasemian Dastjerdi (Dara) from Iran is in city to obtain his Ph.D degree. Being a designer, architect and writer (08/02/1961), he has penned his 6th book Standard Humanism and Worldwide Standard Human Society which is based on peace and respect. Express had a candid tete-a-tete with Dara and here are the excerpts:

Reason for writing book about humanity
About 70 percent of the people of the world according to Standard Humanism are honest and pure and under the oppression of about 10 percent, the ten percent usually try to make human life full of hostility to make 70 percent positive ones sad with a destroyed life. By humanism it is possible to keep our religions and cultures and to be united and hence penned the novel Standard Humanism.

Why you are distributing the book freely
Because I want to introduce a pure feeling of mine for mankind out of any thinking regarding profit and the rate of sale.

Source for writing the book
I have written the book in Farsi language after the result of 27 years of searching for best humanity and life based on truth which collected by all the people of the world and beliefs. In future I would like to translate the book in English and other languages and first it will be in Kannada.

Why in Kannada first
Because I started writing the book on Standard Humanism in Mysore, and to appreciate and to gift the idea for Mysoreans I write it first in Kannada and more over I love the people here.

Why you need to translate the books
My idea is to change the primitive world by an advanced one by the means of respect to all the nations and beliefs and through an international organization with administering all the aspects and facts of human life, They are: politics, beliefs, cultures, economics and sciences.

Your message of Humanism
The message of Standard Humanism to India and mankind is try to be best of yourself, your nationality, your culture, your religions and beliefs, because when we try to be best we will try to study about all things and understand our failures, and as we are seeking to be best we will correct our things and eventually these would lead to better world with respect to others and finally peace. There is a lot to say I hope very soon I translate the book and you will see more of Standard Humanism.

In What you want to pursue PhD.
The advanced and perfect management of human life in third millennium .

Your motto of the life
To spread the message of peace and humanity and to attract human views towards the superior goal of peace and human unity in the opposition of negative 10 percent ignorant and oppressors.

Interested readers for book can contact Dara on his e-mail id:

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