Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This artist creates painting using knife

There is no limit to finding innovative ways to express ones talent especially if he
is a talented artist like Satyanarayana. His unique style of painting using Knife as a painting tool instead of a brush, has bought out such real life like paintings.

Though the main theme of his paintings is concentrated on tradition and culture, he
has in a way broken the traditional way of doing paintings which everyone are familiar with, namely using a paint brush.

He instead uses a knife like steel blade fixed to a wooden handle and uses it to
paint the drawings. Sometimes he also uses a combination of brush (20 %) and the rest with knife.

Basically Satyanarayan is not an artist. He lost his father in his childhood and
due to circumstances and family responsibility he discontinued his studies and joined near artist as helper and later at the age of 14 he shifted to

There he worked as an assistant to senior artists who create cinema banners and
cut-outs. When he went to Bombay to place a banner he learnt the stetch work and started concentrating on abstract paintings. He has worked for the many huge cut outs of Rajkumar and main among them is 115 feet tall cut-out of the movie

Later with the help of his senior artists like Ramachandran and CV Ambari he learnt
art work and practiced it from daily from morning 5 am to 10 pm and obtained perfection in his strokes. Now, artist Sathyanarayan is equally good in
digital photography and modeling photographies.

Speaking to Express 52-year-old Satyanarayan said that `as its difficult to
reproduce painting made out of knife, I
prefer this medium. Even the works created by me cant be reproduced again,' he adds.

`The paintings created using knife needs lot of time to dry and the colour
dimensions also varies. One can feel the strokes and curves by touching it.
If compared to brush the work created out of knife is difficult and needs
techniques,' he adds.

`Learning is a never ending process. Most of the world class painters are also non
academic artist their achievement and dedication have taken them to great extent.'

`I have faced many hardship while working as assistant for making banners. Now, I am
happy and have totally involved in the art and want to come out with good abstract paintings with a modern touch. Even when I die, I will be alive through my paintings, he adds.

One can have a glimpse of his paintings exhibited at Mysore Art Gallery in Ramanuja
Road, beween 11 am and 7pm till June 5. For details contact Satyanarayan on Mob: 9480477044. He is residing in Vidyaranyapuram.

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