Friday, May 27, 2011

Traffic diversion near Palace due to on-going Raja Marga work cause inconvenience to public

Under construction or take diversion is the state of most roads in city

An signboards of under construction or take diversion is common on Mysore city roads. From past several years city roads have not seen new face-lift instead after the grant of Rs 100 crore and the works going under JNNURM like road widening, water pipeline connections, Raja Marga one after the other works on roads is taking place continuously without any end causing inconvenience to the public as well as tourist.

As the Raja Marga work of Rs 18.65 crore is going on, the traffic has been diverted from Albert Victor Road to Chamaraja Circle for 60 days from April 11. The diversion has caused inconvenience for more number of vehicles which comes to city from different states including buses which join near Hardinge Circle.

The Hardinge circle is a junction of six roads and heavy traffic vehicular movement has caused the road more congest. The city buses which come from Hardinge Circle are plying over Chamaraja Double Road, Basaveshwara Circile, New Sayyaji Rao Road and reach City Bus Stand.

The other heavy vehicles are plying over BN Road, Gun House Circle, Chamaraja Double Road, Ramaswamy Cirlce, JLB Road, Dasappa Circle, Railway Station, JK Grounds, RMC and other destinations.

The vehicles which comes from North side of Hardinge Circle to reach Chamaraja Circle are plying via BM Road, Chatrimara, Chandragupta Road and from town hall are reaching Chamaraja Circle. There is no alteration in the route for the buses which comes from Ashoka Road to join CBS.

Additional Traffic Inspectors
To ease the vehicular moment in Hardinge Circle, Sangam Theater, Chandragupta Road, Sriharsha Road, BN road and in many other places additional additional traffic police have been placed.

Speaking to Express DCP Rajendra Prasad said that `to complete the stretch of 600 feet from Harding Circle to Old Statue in 60 days the vehicular movement from both the sides have been stopped and he work will be completed at the earliest.'
Vox populi

Rajamarga is itself a mockery. When City got Rs 100 cr of grants our authorities din't find any suitable project to invest the money and are poling the money in other ways. This work will not complete by Dasara and eventhough they try to complete it will be like a cosmetic.
Lakshmana, ACICM Convenor

In Japan after tsunami, they constructed the play over withing five days. Why cant our people can do it here. At least observing other countries they should try. Providing civic communities should be the first priority of our elected representatives rather than making our city a tourist spot. All deviation are permanent in Mysore.
Balakrishna Prasad

Who is benefited by all this wasteful expenditure. Instead they would have clean garbage and provide proper drainage and better road service to make city beautiful.
Revanna, Businessman

Passengers who are not aware of problems, haggle with us to take them in a shorter way. It's disgusting not only for passengers but for us also to bear the inconvenience.
Hemanth Kumar, Auto driver

The alternate route that goes in front of Sangam theater is always busy and crowded, making a times moment very difficult for vehicles. Its a waste of time and petrol.
- Nikil an student.

If they would have repaired roads itself it would have been enough. Raja Marga was not needed. They are also planning for the flow of rain water easily but its doubt whether it possible.
- Hemanth an entrepreneur

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ACICM plans to hold meet
Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens of Mysore (ACICM) Convenor Lakshmana is planning to hold a meeting with NGO's and concerned citizens by this weekend to obtain a correct picture about Raja Marga and a debate has also been organised. Its doubt whether they complete the work before dead line.

According to the authorities the much-awaited KRS Road was to be open for public in the month of May. But the work is still going-on in a snail's pace and authorities promises of opening it by June first week. Whether it to remains nightmare for public !


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