Friday, May 27, 2011

Foreigners wed in traditional Indian Style

While today's society, especially the educated and the modern preferring quick marriages, held at Registrar's Office or simple marriages giving a go-by to all the elaborate customs and traditions lasting couple of days, as an exception here were two foreigners who wanted to marry exactly as per the Hindu tradition.

In a simple ceremony two foreigners tied nuptial knots as per the Indian traditions at the premises of Shiva Cave temple near Nandi Statue atop Chamundi Hill on Wednesday. Bridegroom Mathew Ryan hailing from Manchester in England tied the knot with his fiancee Linah of Sweden.

The groom wearing the traditional Mysore Peta and the bride decked up in a Silk Saree made the passers by to stop for a moment. They even chose an auspicious moment for the event on the advice of the astrologers, between 10am and 11am. Chamundeshwari temple priest Chandrashekar chanted the mantra.

Members of the Balaga who were instrumental in making all the necessary arrangements for the marriage, played the roles of the bride's and the bridegoom's parents along with the maternal uncle performing the Kanyaa Daana.

The marriage was solemnized in the presence of Sri Jamanagiri Swamiji conducted near the Bull Temple on the way to Chamundi Hills. All the necessary arrangements were made by Sri Kshetra Sri Chamundi Hill Sri Nandi Puja Mahotsava Samithi Hill Federation.

42-year-old Mathew Ryan fell in love with 30-year-old Linah two years back at Manchester. Mathew is teaching yoga in Manchester and Linah is a hair dresser. Mathew was visiting regularly for Mysore from the past nine years, to learn Yoga from renowned Yoga teacher Pattabhijois and his son.

Mathew was so impressed watching the elaborate customs and traditions being followed, while attending a Hindu wedding, decided that if he were to marry Linah it would be as per the traditional Hindu customs only.

'I like Indians very much. They are very kind hearted. I am quite overwhelmed for allowing to us marry in Indian tradition with the affection being showered on us by so many people though they do not know me,' said Mathew.

Speaking to Express Jamanagiri Swamiji said `Mathew visited Mysore quite often and every time when he was here he met me without fail and hold discussions on matters related to spirituality. He has a keen interest in Indian philosophy and culture. Last year he requested me to arrange for his marriage as per the Hindu traditions. With the help of the members of Balaga, the marriage was performed without any obstacles.'

The couple received blessings from the Swamiji and other elders in the gathering.

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