Friday, May 27, 2011

Sri Ram Navami celebrated with fervour in city

Sri Rama Navami festival was celebrated with grand religious fervour and devotion throughout the city on Tuesday by distributing Panakam, butter milk as prasadams to the devotees.

Early morning prayers were held in some temples and couplets of Ramayana and Ramscharit Manas are narrated in the temples throughout the day. Many of the devotees also observe a whole day fast on this occasion.

Most of the temples had organized procession with a decorative chariot and some people dressed up as Rama, Lakshma, Sita and Hanuman were seen along with the procession route narrating the legends of Ram, recite sholkas and mantras. Some were seen putting steps for the tunes of Ram Bhajans.

The chariot was accompanied by thousands of Ram devotees. The devotees along with the chariot moved around city chanting `Ram Ram Jai Jai Ram', `Shree Ram Ki Jai', `Seetha Ram' immersing completely themselves in his devotion with great vigor and enthusiasm. Narration of stories from the epic Ramayana was also held in some temples.

Apart from the procession, city witnessed a common sight of huge rush in temples specially at Sri Rama Temples across the city. The auto drivers, lorry owners and many organisation were seen offering pooja to Sir Rama and distributing panakam. In some temples Police protection were also provided and many of the social service groups were seen involved in making smooth move of devotees to avoid the rush.

Sri Prasanna Seetharam Mandir, Sri Ramabhydaya Sabha, Sri Rama Seva Mandali and many other temples celebrate Ramanavami for whole month by conducting special poojas like Kalyana Mahotsava, Abhisheka, Ramapatana so on.

Speaking to Express pontiff Shankar said that `this festival occurs after the nine days of Ugadi, of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra Masa (Month) during March-April and as it’s the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, this day is considered as auspicious.'

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