Thursday, May 5, 2011

He capture essence of City's Heritage buildings and Karnataka temple monuments on canvas

Art is a wonderful medium of ex-pression. It conveys messages where even the words fail. That is where an artists’ talent lies. Here is one such artist, H Shivakumar Doddarasinakere whose awe-inspiring paintings of heritage buildings and temples can become another form of visual record for posterity.

Viewing his paintings one can get a glimpse of all the heritage buildings present in Mysore. His paintings of lotus, flowers, village house and so many other things depicting them in their intricate details would sometimes elude even a normal eye.

He has so far painted more than 30 heritage buildings in the city, like the Dufferin Clock Tower and Doddagadiara, Lalithamahala Palace, Mysore Palace, Kukkarahalli Lake, Nandi, Railway Station, Jaganmohan palace, Kalamandira, archeological department, Univeristy of Mysore, KR Cricle and several others.

The paintings related to life style of villagers and their ktichen, houses has received appreciations. The next in the series of paintings done by Shivakumar is the ancient temples spread across all over Karnataka. His intention on focusing on heritage buildings is to preserve them for posterity for the benefit of future generations through the medium of paintings. His series of paintings on nature include themes on lotus and picturesque landscapes.

Born in Doddarasinakere village of Maddur Taluk, Shivakumar completed his Diploma in Fine Arts at Kalanieketan School of Arts and also happens to be an avid player of Volleyball and Swimming.

Speaking to Express he said, 'since my childhood, I had a keen interest in drawing and I was not aware of any art classes then. One day my friend informed me about an art class in Mysore and I was quite surprised to hear about it. Suddenly I shifted to Mysore and pursued Diploma in Fine Arts.'

"Many without knowing the basic rules of painting, begin painting on their own. It is essential to learn the basics in order to become more creative," opines Shivakumar.

Talking about his paintings of heritage buildings he said, "I have spent several hours in each building to capture them on my canvas. If the painting was not completed the same day, I went again the next day at the same time to get the same light and mood'.

He has exhibited his paintings at numerous state level exhibitions held at Bijapur, Chitradurga, Tiptur, Bangalore, Chitra Santhe's and in the national capital New Delhi. He is already a recipient of several awards, the prominent being the All India Dasara Award (two times), Avanthika Contemporary Artist Award, New Delhi, Best Worker Award and several others.

He has painted more than 2000 oil and water paintings that have received good reviews from art connoisseurs and surprisingly all his paintings have been sold. He plans to open an art gallery in the next year with the intention of helping artists, especially those hailing from rural areas to exhibit their talent and also encourage art related activities.


  1. Dear K Rathna,

    Thank you very much for your informative blog, i am very proud that a person from my native doddarasinakere could achieve this . hats off to him and wish him more to come on this and for his bright future . if anything please contact me
    Madhusudhan D H ,

  2. Recently I witnessed some of his paintings in Kukkarahalli lake.. they were awesome...