Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heavy rush witnessed at palace, zoo and KRS.

Zoo, gets collection of Rs 8 lakh per day in this weekends
Usually city which used to attract more number of people during Dasara,
witnessed huge crowd from past three days, as most number of tourists were seen coming in groups with their family and friends to visit zoo, Palace and KRS.

As it was weekend and a holiday on Good Friday, most of them have extended their leave on Saturday which was the reason for flocking of visitors.

Generally the zoo's collection is Rs 4-5 lakh during the weekends and normally the number of tourist rises but not to this extent, said sources.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Mysore Zoo's single day revenue crossed Rs 8 lakh and on friday it was Rs 7.6 lakh. According to Zoo Executive Director Markandaiah, last year during Dasara also the Zoo’s revenue collection was Rs 7 to 8 lakh per day.

The same crowd was seen near Palace and Brindavan Gardens at Krishnarajasagar dam (KRS) and, traffic police were seen easing the vehicular move. Apart from this there was more number of visitors to Srirangapatna, Birds century, Shivanasamudra Falls, Chamundi Hill, Yedamuri, Balamuri and many other places.

Parking Problem

Mysore being an tourist hub there is lot of parking problem. As there was a parking problem in Zoo, many of them were seen parking their vehicles in sorrunding roads in front of houses which are nearer to zoo. Some of them were seen parking in Doddakere Maidana (football grounds) opposite to exhibition grounds.

Most of the house owners were seen shouting at people who were parking their vehicle in front of the house as the roads are very constrict.

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