Thursday, May 5, 2011

Colours come alive in photographs

Ever wondered how colours would dance and play if they were to come alive in a dark room? Seems far fetched. But not for Huseni. Holding a CD in his hand Huseni was deeply fascinated watching the dancing hues of colours reflecting off from its polished surface and the patterns changing as he tilted the CD. He even wondered whether the colours of the rainbow were hiding on the surface and radiated all those patterns.

The fascinating visual treat gradually grew into an obsession making him resolve to somehow capture those visual images and finally bought an ordinary digital camera.
This led to the discovery of recording a new form of visual imagery which he finally mastered after an year of intense experimentation.

He began photographing the colourful images appearing on the surface of the CD by exposing it under a light source placed in a dark room. He experimented with various kinds of light sources like candle, CFL, LED, incandescent bulb, tubelight and even the light from a mobile phone. He captured the images from various angles and even stood on a stool to get different vantage point. It took him several months to master the technique.

The result was a spectacular collection of more than 4000 images taken from the surface of an ordinary 5 Rupee CD without using any kind of computer graphics or digital imaging techniques.

Every image creates the feeling that the colours are on a dancing spree and merrily floating in space with joy. Observing the still photos of the play of colours creates a psychedelic feeling in the minds of the observer.

Now Huseni is planning to exhibit his some of his collections at prominent cities in the State. Aptly named ‘Abstract’, the first exhibition will be held in Mysore in June and later in Mangalore, Gulbarga, Dharwad and finally in Bangalore. He is attempting to enter the Limca Book of Records.

Hailing from Mandya, Huseni studied art at Vyjayanthi School of Arts in Mysore and has obtained a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Karnataka University, Dharwad. This artist also creates wonders in wielding paper, scissors and glue dexterously.
His works are with many art collectors in India and abroad and has bagged many awards.

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