Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rs 1.75 lakh Banjar Red Arowana fish drawed huge attention at Aqua Show

Dogs with their wagging tails, dangling tongues and soulful looks, the relentless chirping sounds of the birds and fishes darting with open mouths was the scene today at ‘Aqua Show’ organised by the Mysore Pet Club (MPC) at the Dasara Exhibition Grounds.

It was a special Sunday treat for pet lovers as they had assembled to watch exotic and rare species of birds, fishes and canines brought by their owners to the Pet Show. It also provided an opportunity to all those who wanted to know more about pets and how to take care of them like their feeding habits and medicines.

The Banjar Red Arowana fish which cost Rs 1.75 lakh drawed huge attention of the public. Apart from this dog breeds like St. Bernards, Napoleon Mastiff, English mastiffs, Boxer, Mudhol, German Shepherds, Neo-politan mastiffs, Rottweilers, German Shepherd, Labrador, Great Danes stole, pugs, pomeranians, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers were the major attraction.

Persian cats, Goats, Dobermans, Parakeets - Milli Roselia, Red rumps, Rubino Rossella, Cocker Spaniels, Pigeons, Rabbits, African and Albino African lovebirds, Golden Retrievers, African Love birds, Cockatoo, cocktails, naturally grown aquarium plants like Valasneira, Amazon, Lily and many other variety of birdsdrawed huge attention of the public.

Rare goats
Mysore Pet Club Vice-President Mohd. Hameed, who has exhibited his three rare variety of goats which makes one spellbound. India’s smalles Pygmy goats which is two year old and14 inch was one of the major attraction. Apart from this he had exhibited Rajasthan Sheep and Jamuna Puri which gives 2.5 liter of milk a day. The milk is considered as very hygience and cholestral free and used for ayurvedic purposes.

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