Friday, May 27, 2011

Beautifully blended colours capture viewers at Pratima Art Gallery

Ramsons Kala Pratishtana has organised `Divyavarna' painting exhibition of renowned senior artist SLN Simha at Prathima Art Gallery from May 21 to 29 between 10 am to 7 pm.

If one visit Pratima Art Gallery they remain spellbind watching Simha's paintings, as they will be captured by the sudden spurt of colours which are beautifully blended to create an atmosphere of swirling clouds, waves of water, wisps of ether that surround the central figure.

About 50 mythological, water colour and traditional paintings have been exhibited in the gallery. The exhibited paintings were created by Simha from past decade for Ramsons.

75-year-old SLN Simha is a born-artist and is very simple like a yogi. He is an artist who has not compromised his art for the sake of materialistic pursuits. Even today he doesn’t wear slippers and use pants.

The main thing one can see in his paintings is he will not repeat the subject of paintings and the lyrical quality of his brush strokes and the use of colours transfers the viewer onto a different place of spirituality.

`Devi Vishwa Roopa' an exquisite painting which shows her relationship with nature and `Purusha Sukta 9' are the center attractions of his exhibited paintings in the gallery.

In Purusha Sukta painting he has interpreted Janantatwa (knowledge) as Brahmana; Vikramatatwa (courage) as Kshatriya; Annathatwa (food) as Vaishya and Snehatatwa (rendering service) as Shudra. Through this painting he has interpreted a message that caste is not a barrier for anything.

Since 2001 Ramsons Kala Pratishatana, art corpus has organsied about seven series of paintings along with several individual paintings by Simha. In 2002 Veda Kala an exhibition featuring Simha's Sri Sukta and Purusha Sukta paintings was organised in Bangalore and Mysore.

Speaking to Express Pratima Gallery Curator Raghu Dharmendar said that `to commemorate GLN Simha's 75th birthday, 50 years of art carrier and his 10 years of working with Ramsons,' the painting expo has been organsied under the caption 'Divyavarna' which means divine colour and celestial glow.

`Simha's paintings are very special and interprets various mythological scripts. It remains an exquisite experience when we come across his paintings,' says Sandhya an art lover.

Thus, the purpose of spiritual art will provide an intimate experience of divinity and is an rare opportunity to behold the wonderful works of art by this artist par excellence.

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