Thursday, May 5, 2011

This women has found her shelter in front of Court

Here is the sad story of a destitute woman who has been sleeping on the pavement in front of the city Court for the past three-and-a-half months with beating summer heat and thunder-storm rains which occurred recently.

Chamamma of Hoonur, Yelandur is the women who has found shelter in front of the city Court. Around 60-year-old Chamamma who can see partially, came to Mysore with her parents when she was seven-year-old and has studied second standard.

She stayed with her parents in a rented house in Sannegowdana Koppalu and never got married. After both her parents passed away her landlord vacated her house along with her humble belongings. Even the pension that she used to receive meant for destitute women till then has stopped coming by.

She cleans herself with the water from the tap in the park nearby and has food from the amount what she receives from the passersby.

Speaking to Express, she said that `As I don’t have money to make a room, I am staying here. When questioned why particularly in front of Court she said `In the initial days I dint know I am staying in front of Court, when I left home I got strained walking and just sat under this tree and later continued here itself.

`I wait for couple of months and check weather I can get back my pension if not I move to Yelandur the place where I was born.' Such a miserable state today hoping to have a decent death. When questioned about either she is interested in joining to Rehabilitation Center she said `No. I am not interested'.

Even most of the NGOs and other social services have failed in conveniencing her. Whatever the reasons might me the women should be shifted to any rehabilitation center are arrangements should be made to get her pension.

Speaking to Express Rehabilitation Center Superintendent Officer Chandrappa said that `there is no provision to keep this type of destitute person in the Center unless an complaint is provided by the particular area Police Inspector.'

When Express contacted Police Commission Sunil Agarwal in this regard he said that he will instruct concerned officers and Child and Women Welfare Department to look into this matter and try to provide her a shelter in the Rehabilitation center.


Express Impact: Chamamma founds her shelter

Express News Service
Mysore, May 10
photo caption: chm

Responding to the Express report which was published on May 6 under the headline `With Pension Stopped This Women Moves Close to Court', State Commissioner for Disabilities KV Rajanna who was in city on Tuesday visited the spot late in the evening and instructed the concerned officials to shift Chamamma immediately.

Later, District Disabilities Officer Sreenivasa who visited the spot co-ordinated with Commissioner KV Rajanna and Rehabilitation Center officers, made arrangements to provide shelter in the Rehabilitation Center.

Speaking to Express Rehabilitation Center Superintendent Chandrappa informed that shelter has been provided to Chamamma in Rehabilitation center along with her belongings.

Meantime, Chamamma requested the authorities to make arrangements to obtain her pension amount.

It can be remembered here Chamamma of Yelandur is the women who had found her shelter in front of the city Court from past four months. She took this decision when her landlord vacated her from the house and even the pension that she used to receive meant for destitute women has been stopped.

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