Thursday, November 8, 2012

Foreigners enjoy learning Kannada

In this modern era, most of the Kannadigas think twice before learning Kannada. But, the foreigners who come to Karnataka take interest in learning our language as they can easily communicate with people.

Several foreigners who are residing in city for a short while to learn yoga, bharathanatya, Sanskrit, communtiy service and have taken a course work in Universities, and have started to learn Kannada.

They say if they want to know about new culture they should learn the local language first. Most of them find that Kannada is quite easy to learn, through bit its difficult for pronouncement because of the different accent.

There are many foreigners just after a couple months of learning have started speaking Kannada fluently. The main reason behind taking interest to learn our language is not only to mix freely with our people and learn out culture, but also to get avoid being cheated due to language barriers.

A couple of private institutions which have come up exclusively to teach Kannada are catering the needs of the foreigners by teaching them from basic grammar to how to converse in Kannada.

Milena Rösch from Germany who is in city on community service work said that from two months she is going to Kannada Class. “Its important for me to learn basics local language, especially because of the reason that most of the children with whom we are working and living together just know Kannada and have less English knowledge,” she said.

Julia Merkle says, “Our purpose to learn Kannada is in the first instance to communicate with the people here. In Germany nobody knows the language "Kannada", after our return we probably have no opportunity to speak or read Kannada again.”

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