Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Temple doors opened after ten long years !

Call it as blind belief or ritual, but a strange practice is even today alive at a small village in KR Pet Taluk, Mandya District. Unlike in the case of any other temple Dasabaniga Shetty' community people have imposed a strange rule, that is if there happened to be a death of any member belonging to the 'Dasabaniga Shetty' community, then the temple should be kept locked for one year !
This strange practice is being followed even now, with the result the temple was kept under lock for ten years following continuous death of  persons in their community.

The death spell stopped after ten long years and as per the tradition the elders of the community decided to open the doors of the temple of Goddess Chowdammathayi at Bhukanakere in KR Pet Taluk for public darshan on Wednesday, on the eve of Deepavali, an auspicious day.  

Though there were instances in the past of the temple being shut continuously for five-six years, this is the first time in the history of the temple that it was closed for 10 long years.

According to community members the temple has a history of about 170 years, and was built by the elders of a community. Though the temple does not come under the jurisdiction of the Muzrai Department, for the locals residing there, Bhukanakere Chowdamma, has become a village deity.

65-year-old head of the community Naganna says, "this is the first time the temple is being opened after a decade. The exact date of construction of the temple is not known. I remember having visited the temple for the first time with my grandfather who told me about this practice. People are allowed to enter the temple only if they follow some of the customary practice of temple.”

As the temple was being opened after a decade, villagers were seen thronging the temple with devotion to offer puja. Interestingly, the Goddess has a younger sister named Marthammathayi, and worshipers belonging to that community, does not follow any such practices.

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