Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tribal attire come alive at CAVA

Creativity takes center note at Cava Mela every year, with new ideas, themes and concepts. This year to Students of Chamarajendra Academy of Visually Arts have all set to showcase their talent at CAVA Mela on theme 'Tribal'.

To educate people, specially residing in urban areas, the students have come out with this topic. Through pictures they have fabulously depicted the tribal life, animals, tribal robot, amidst forest environ.

A tribal women sleeping in well, Tribal Robot, Tribal stage erected, tribal faces erected in many places drew the attention of visitors during the CAVA Mela which will be held at its premises on October 30 and 31. The students were seen enthusiastically decorating the CAVA premises with colourful artifacts and giving final touches to their works.

Apart from tribal life, hike in prices of essential commodities and cauvery agitation has taken center note at mela. They have erected huge elephant and boat to depict the resemblance of tribal life in front side of CAVA and at the entrance of the gate they have placed a huge tribal face and big apes on either sides.

Price Hike
To depict the prices of essential commodities is not accessible for a common man, the students have tied the fruits, vegetables, cooking ingredients on top of the roof, and straight below have created several hands, which are trying to catch the food. The imagination art work created by Naian Raj and Team, First year BFA students received applauds from other students.

Cauvery Agitation
Strongly condemning the release of water to Tamil Nadu, Students Goutham, Yashwanth, Saikrishna have depicted a scene of performing final rites for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha.

In their concept, they have shown four persons carrying effigy of Jayalalaitha and putting break for cauvery issue. Students Yashwanth says: “Hailing from Mandya I strongly oppose the release of cauvery water to Tamil Nadu. Hence, to show my oppose and educate people about current issue I choose this topic.”

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