Thursday, November 8, 2012

Schools started by a professionals to teach Kannada

 Usually parents want their wards to study in English Medium schools. But, here is a group of professionals who were not happy with the present primarily British education system, started a school and are imparting education in Kannada.

Naming the school has Arivu, a group of four members Dr MC Manohar, Dr Maruthi (PhD in Chemistry), Renowned Theater Artiste Berty F Olivera and a Businessmen Raghavendra started the school.

Students are engaged in nature walks, star watching, karnatic musics, theater, desi sports, tabla, workshops that provides a platform. Apart this they will be taken for tour and they will be informed about heritage buildings in state, and will be screened documents on historical places of Karnataka, hills, and peaks, making children to feel proud about State.

This quartet say the current education system is very bookish and theoretical and not at all useful. There is no practical approach and students are made to mugup in classroom without giving any lively experience.

Primarily British education system is not a new phenomenon and Mahatma Gandhi had warned us against its ill effect in 1908. Its need of the hour parents should think of giving knowledge for children, instead of making them educated,” they say.

The school was started with three students in a small farm shared by a friend in 2008. In a drastic change, from last four years the school strength holds 45 and classes are hold upto 5th standard. Now, the school has come long way and has staff of around 25, which includes teachers, visiting faculty, resource persons and admin.

Added to this, CS Sudarshana's former bank employee, left permanent job for the passion of teaching in the school. The school is now all set to transform into a learning centre and will be hoisting a resource centre and a butterfly park in an environmental friendly campus.  

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