Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dr URA bats for Tippu Varsity

Tippu Sultan being a great freedom fighter, a warrior and a very good politician, we should be proud of that University being named after Tippu Sultan,” said Jnanapeeta Awardee Dr UR Ananthamurthy.

Tippu was the first person to draw a plan for the construction of the KRS dam, later it was taken up by Sri M Vishweshwariah. Tippu contribution for our land is tremendous. No other kings equal Tippu in their contribution,” he said.

In a interaction with media persons at Rangayana on Thursday, journalist questioned opposition led by Litterateur Bhyrappa and Researcher M Chidananda Murthy to name a University in Srirangapatna after Tippu Sultan.

Replying, Dr URA said he has great respect towards Bhyrappa and M Chidananda Murthy, but what they are saying is not right. He added that even there is political agenda behind this.

Without Muslims its not possible to construct India. Muslims have played a major role in the formation of our country and their contribution is tremendous. It is why, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, refused transfer of Muslim after independence,” he added.

'Make Rangayana Autonomous Institution'

Janapeeta Awardee Dr UR Ananthamurthy opined that Rangayana, an government sponsored repertory should be made autonomous institution. Stating don’t weaken Rangayana, he said it should be modernised as an independent body and complete powers should be given for directors to take any sorts of decision.

Advisory committee should be formed, which should function solely on the grounds of mutual co-operation and favouritism should not be allowed. Even internal squabbles should be solved internally, just in the case of University. If found guilty, further steps to be taken,” he said.

Stating who become director of Rangayana is equally important that of the who becomes University Vice-Chancellor, he said that complete power should be given for directors to take any decisions.

'Ranga Samaja' has been set-up by government at Rangayana, he asked to set-up similar 'Ranga Samaja' in other two theater repertory and maintain day-to-day accounts.

'Say no for transfer'
As plans have been made to transfer artiste for other theater repertory, Dr URA said that transfer of artistes should be canceled and they should be fixed with good salary and pension should be provided.

The directors should stand firm and not bow down to the pressure of government or others and indulge in transfer of artistes. Retired artistes should be invited to Rangayana and their services should be utilised similarly on the lines of University, where former Vice-Chancellors, prof and others serve as visiting faculty,” he added.

Introduce Cinema appreciation course in schools

Janapeeta Awardee Dr UR Ananthamurthy suggested to introduce folklore, art, drama, music and various other cultural activities in schools, as part of regular curriculum, instead of treating them as extra curriculum.

He said, he has written a letter to NCERT (National Council Of Educational Research And Training) in this regard and has even asked to introduce Cinema appreciation course in schools.

'The concept of intelligent has to be changed, as it is not restricted to Academy studies only, but to encompass other talents also. Even there is a miss conception among public that only youngsters become artists. Theater needs people from all walks of life and across all ages,' he added. 

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