Sunday, January 13, 2013

Now, avail garden service at your door step

For those enthusiast in gardening here comes the good news. For first of its kind, mobile van garden service center will be introduced in Mysore by District Horticultural Society and Horticulture Department by this month end.

The workers of Horticultural department assist and help in developing gardening at your houses, private organisations, based on the seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn).

There are nine exclusive ornamental nursery in Mysore City, and the plants grown there will be implanted in Curzon Park premises, for which the place is all set. Poly home has already been constructed at Department premises, where exotic flowering plants like orchids, anthurium, Gerbera, carnesia are grown.

Apart this, in an 10 guntas of land shed net will be erected and exclusive ornamental plants like Petunia, Salvia, Euphorbia, Crinum-Augustum, Rosa-sinsiea, impatiens, medicinal plants, and much more will be grown.
A place has been dedicated in the Curzon Park to provide training and sale garden kit. Flowering seeds, pot, garden tools, medicinal plants, organic manure, fertilisers, nutrient, pot mixture, growth hormones and much more will be sold by the department at nominal charges.

Free Training will be provided by experts for farmers and all those are interested in Home Gardening, Kitchen Gardening, Bonsai Cultivation, Ornamental Garden, Flower garden, Foliage plants, Ikebana, flower arrangements, dry flowers and much more.

Farmers will be educated about cultivation of the exotic plants in their lands, as there is huge demand for flowers and farmers can earn handsome of money. As gardening is also a profitable business, this will not only help the unemployed whereas those who are interested to start career as domestic maintenance gardener.

MS Raju, Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture Mysore said that at a very low cost gardens will be maintained by Garden service Center.
Many of the have bigger gardens but will be having no idea how to maintain and make it good looking. Lawn, Ornamental, Foundation will be developed based on the place required,” he added.

Service center number, logo and benefits will be published on the mobile van. Shortly the permanent number will be announced, whereas 0821-2438572 is the present garden service number.

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