Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Women achieves in farming activity

Lakshmidevamma, a women farmer has created a niche in the field of farming by adopting complete agriculture tradition. Recognising her achievements she has been appointed as Director of Banuli Krishikara Producer Company, Akashvani, Mysore.

Born to a agriculture family, she tied the nuptial knot to Ramakrishna, a postmaster and settled in Pandavapura. After her marriage she started garment business and faced ups and downs. It was then, her parents Kaveri Gowda and Channamma of Hosakote, suggested her to venture in agriculture, which changed the focus of her life.

She purchased 6.5 acres of land at Kanchahalli and tried mixed farming cultivation. She cultivated paddy, banana, sugarcane in the place. Making use of the place between Coconut trees, teak plantation, she has grown fodder for cattles and maize. She has even opened a small fish house at KR Pet.

The training she underwent has helped her lot for her success. Making use of the advanced technology, she has taken measures to enrich and retain the fertility of the soil. She uses about 90 per cent of organic and compost manure. To produce manure in the form of liquid she has adopted bio-digester method. In result, she has harvested about 600 tonnes of sugarcane last year (per acre more than 80 tonnes), drawing scientists, officers attentions towards her field.

Though her husband was transferred to different places, she remained in Pandavapura and continued agriculture activity. After, retirement her husband to has joined Lakshmidevamma. The couple are role model for many farmers.

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