Sunday, January 13, 2013

Little acts of kindness by a tender coconut seller

A good example of how one can show kindness to others in whatever small way can be seen by the acts of this tender coconut seller, who feeds kernel for dozens of 'squirrels' every day from dawn to dusk.

For this tender coconut seller Basavaraju feeding this small creatures squirrels has become a part of his daily routine. He observed that some of his customers don't eat the white kernel inside the tender coconut after sipping the water, and throw it away. He collects all such empty shells, removes the white rind and places them on a branch of a tree.

Dozens of squirrels residing on the tree climb down one after the other and slowly collect the white rind kept on the shell. Holding the kernel in the mouth they again move on the tree and enjoy eating the rind. The customers who come to drink tender coconut, enjoy the play, action, fight of squirrels for collecting rind.

Basavaraju observes, "Instead of wasting it, I thought of feeding it to the squirrels. Day by day city is turning into concrete jungle and they to find it difficult to get food."

Apart this, Basavaraju has planted about 18 trees, where 15 of them are at Subbarayanakere Park. He has specially planted Singapore Cherry / Jamaican Cherry (Gasagase Mara), which fruits are most eaten by squirrels. Basavaraju, is a resident of Kumbargeri, is selling thunder coconut from last four decades near Raghavendra Swamy Mutt on Ramavilas Road. Those who visit park can sit beneath the tree for some time and relax.

A regular customer named Umesh says: "Majority of the tender coconut sellers throw the kernel. Though uneducated Basavaraju is very humble and kind hearted person."
Another interesting thing is, he has maintained cleanliness in his surroundings. He will not dump the empty shells into a heap after the customer returns them. Instead, he separates the straws, keeps the empty shells on a four-wheeler cart for drying and later in the day he carry it back to the home. He says by carting them away and disposing plastic straws he is maintaining the surroundings clean.

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