Friday, August 9, 2013

Her photography makes viewers to enjoy the depth and diversity of nature

'Is this girl a budding photographer or a professional one?', this is the first thing that strikes in the mind of those who watch her work on art and photography for first time. What starts off as a quick glance at her vast array of photographs, makes spectators to enjoy the depth and diversity of the subjects she has covered.

24-year-old Artist Aditi Dinakar, who desires to become full-fledged professional photographer, is proficient in Candid Photography, Water drops photography, Macro photography, Wildlife photography, Sketching, Painting. She is even adept at pencil sketches.

There is something specialty in every photograph she has shot. Be it the rare angle in which she has shot it, or be it the moment she chose to capture the action. The subjects are diverse Weddings, Children, Models, Fashion, Water-drops, Wildlife, Nature and many more.

Inspired by her father KR Dinakar, Technical Officer, CFTRI, Aditi took to photography by first shooting photos from a mobile camera. Seeing her talent her parents bought her a camera that brought exposed her inner potential.

She has the insight to convert that mundane and ordinary images that pass-by us everyday into extra-ordinary through her lens. Her sketches, paintings and photographs have been featured in various photo exhibitions.

She says: “Photography is my passion and turned into my profession. I have covered around nine weddings and engagements across parts of India and a national seminar in Mysore.” 'Keep Clicking, Learn Everyday and Love Traveling,' is her mantra.

She is doing her Master of Technology in Construction Engineering and Management at Manipal Institute of Technology. She is earning while studying. She has won several prizes and certificates in various competitions. She is the resident of Siddappa Square, Mysore. 

Senior Artist Shivalingappa appreciating the creative thinking of Adithi said: "her works shows the love towards nature and inspires lot the budding artist. The number of female photographers is countable in city and will definitely inspire other girls in photography.”

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